Steven Serge Portrait Sessions

Let me guess? Your last photographer handed you CD of images (you have no idea of the quality or resolution) with no help or guidance and it's still sitting in the desk drawer?

Things are a little different here.... 

We're not going to just "take pictures". Together, WE are going to make Artwork. Real Artwork. Artwork that you can touch and feel and hang in your home. Artwork that you will absolutely  L O V E  for years to come. (did you know displaying large photos of your children in your home helps build their self confidence?).

We're talking Artwork hung in your home that will make visiting relatives & friends jealous. V E R Y jealous (it's true - this will happen). 

And Steve will assist you every step of the way - right to the point of hand delivery of your products right to your door step. 


With Steven Serge Photography Signature Sessions, you not only have the assurance that your family will be turned into artwork but that added convenience that Steve will help you select, order and deliver the highest quality prints & canvases available, including custom framing - all delivered right to your home. 

Help Steve design a session for you. Do you prefer rural & wooded or something more formal with architecture. Fun casual or a little more dressed up? Let Steve discuss options and ideas that you will help custom tailor to your liking. 

Signature Sessions will produce a private gallery AND actual print samples for you to custom order Canvases, Prints (loose or framed), Metal Prints and a selection of other fine art products for your home. Single family Signature Sessions are $200 and require a retainer to book. 

Let's get started on your vision and let Steve turn it into actual works of art that will adorn your home for years to come.


Signature session fees includes photographers time, planning, consulting, location input, equipment, photographing, editing AND a follow up in-home ordering session to help you select only the artwork that you L O V E .

Signature sessions produce artwork for your home that you can purchase. Steve's custom tailored ordering sessions will guide you through selecting Prints, Canvases and Framed Artwork for your home.




Wedding Package 2017-18

Most of my amazingly fun clients have a spectacular day planned that spans from around noon until later evening needing full day coverage. The investment for this type of day including all the images edited with print rights is around $3k.

If you happen to be having a shorter day where full day coverage is not needed, I would be happy to chat about your day and see if I can streamline a package to meet your needs without sacrificing excellent quality. Of course we can also talk about adding a beautiful album, parents albums, a canvas, etc... Typically I can quote you an exact price within 5 minutes of discussing your day and then from there, we can both decide if Steven Serge Photography is the fit for you and you are the fit for Steven Serge Photography. 

How do I shoot?

The majority of my day is spent doing artful documentary & photo-journalistic shots - typically what you see on my site all take by yours truly. Of course, we will do the traditional group family photos and a few posed shots after your ceremony as no album is complete without these but rest assured, with Steven Serge Photography, you are free to let your day run wild in a natural fun loving manner while Steven documents it producing fantastic images.

Who do I shoot?

Strange question, I know, but an important one. I like to shoot clients who are excited about their day. Clients who are not only excited about their day but equally as excited about the moments & artwork that will be captured which is why they came here looking for photos that stand out from others combined with lots of laughs, smiles, an occasional tear and true life MOMENTS. If you want to break out of the typical "head-nod, eyes closed, fake smile posed stuff for hours", you're a Steven Serge Photography client already and didn't know it.

Call me for a quick meet & greet sometime, you won't be disappointed. 

Steve (570) 815-6880

I'm an equal opportunity shooter. All clients are welcome.


Commercial  Package

Commercial shoots vary depending on a client's needs and the types of images they desire such as interior and exterior building shots, product shots, head shots, and many others.